Ala Alora Alendor: The half sister of Avartes Zalaxter Alendor. She is a wood elf that came from Foria, and is renown for her theivery. She finds out that Avartes is her half brother after she slays the Bringer of plauge.

Avartes Zalaxter Alendor: The half brother of Ala Alora Alendor. He claims that javalins are the bane of his exsitance. He seems to be one of the many comic releif characters in this story. And like his half sister an elf of foria.

Dycea Farenair: A half drenea who seeks to protect one their freinds Thodwin Farbringer. He has no control over his fiery powers and therefore is a danger to them all.

Thodwin Farbringer: A dwarf seeking to stop the Bringers of All Blood from rising.

Ethac Dorvinstar: A human wizard who's spells a always going awry. He was lost in the woods with his father when he was young and ambushed by a large black wolf with barbed fangs known as Lifebane. Ever since then he hunted it seeking revenge for killing his father.

Wiggleberry: He is the last blue driggit, meaning tiny, annoying, comic relief dragon. He does multiple hilarious but strange stunts and appears to be upsessed with tacos even though they are not in the timeline that the other world takes place in.

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